Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Superman: Doomsday Review

What we have here is a really interesting idea for a Superman movie: what happens to Metropolis if he dies? It's too bad it just isn't pulled off all that well. The most effective scenes in the entire thing are when Superman is finally defeated and the subsequent burial. For an animated movie of such mediocre art standards I was impressed at the emotion the funeral scene managed to illicit. The action scenes are pretty enjoyable but much of it suffers for mediocre voice acting and a blah script. This could have been a lot more interesting also if Superman's return from the grave was presented in a more veiled manner, rather in training/recovery scenes interweaved into the Metropolis story. I think Superman is one of the worst heroes as he is literally invincible and has countless powers, which gives everything about him a bland sense of inevitability. By giving him a sense of mortality the character is enriched and made more interesting, it's too bad the film didn't explore this aspect and used the death as merely a setback in Supe's invariable victory.

Overall Score: 5/10

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