Saturday, February 9, 2008

In Bruges Review

Well we have an early frontrunner for best original screenplay as rookie writer and director McDonagh delivers a whip-smart fast paced script for he actors to work through. Perhaps more impressively is the adroit manner in which McDonagh juggles hilarious dark comedy and actual emotion. As an actor Colin Farrell seems to have fallen into a bit of a rut since the Alexander debacle. While he was fine in The New World his early talent seemed to recede in films like Miami Vice and Ask the Dust and was wasted in the mess that was Cassandra's Dream. Farrell broke on to the scene so nicely in early roles in decent films like Tigerland and Hart's War, scene stealing performances in blockbusters like Minority Report and Daredevil (he's actually good in it, I promise) and surprisingly decent lead turns in Hollywood schlock like S.W.A.T. and The Recruit. Farrell here is nothing short of spectacular. He managed to mingle a complicated mixture of light and dark without falling into hammy territory. His character is both a sarcastic schoolboy prankster and a tortured soul and Farrell makes it work extremely well. His comedic delivery is exceptional as well and I hope to see him taking on more humerous roles in the future. Brendan Gleeson gives his usual solid performance as Farrell's partner hitman. Their boss, Ralph Fiennes (absent in body until the last act of the film), delivers his lines with such great panache and verve that he makes for a great villain. To complete the Harry Potter reunion (Gleeson is Mad Eye Moody, Fiennes is Voldemort) is Clemence Poesy, who played Fleur in the 4th film. She brings a wonderful easy presence to the screen and seems to have great chemistry with Farrell. I realy can't overstate just how funny this movie is (if it breaks through expect many lines from it to sneak into the pop culture lexicon), though the humor might be a bit dark or offensive for some. I can't recommend enough that anyone reading this make an effort to spend some time In Bruges, it's well worth the time. This is also my first potential Top 10 film for 2008.

Overall Score: 9/10

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