Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to Rob a Bank Review

Independant movie from a first time writer and director starring one of the worst actresses of her time and the worst actor around, somehow it feels like I should have known I would hate this. The film's star, Nick Stahl, is a pretty decent actor (he made HBO's Carnivale tolerable) but here he is wasted in a foolish role that even he seems a bit uncomfortable about. Forced to deliver horrific lines about the 'evils' of bank surcharges (that make the anti-HMO chats in John Q seem neutral), Stahl looks vaguely disturbed to have to repeat the same ridiculous arguments over and over again. Erika Christensen is one of the worst actresses out there and let's just say she's somewhat miscast as a quasi-villain. Terry Crews is the worst actor around, I'd rather watch Chuck Norris perform Shakespeare than see him act. The story is poorly thought out and the 81 minute running time feels like 801 minutes. It's tough to tell if the film's attempts at humor are purposeful or inadvertent, either way they do not work. Stay far far away from this garbage.

Overall Score: 2/10

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