Sunday, February 3, 2008

In the Land of Women Review

It's really too bad Meg Ryan missed out on the role of The Joker in this coming summer's The Dark Knight. I mean her plastic surgeon did a hell of a job making her look the part. Wait...what's the you say? She wasn't trying to be the Joker?!? No way! In all seriousness though I found her face's absolute inability to express emotion remarkably disconcerting. Kristin Stewart, aproximately 16 at the time of filming, has more age lines in her face than Ryan. I wish Ryan had followed the example of someone like Diane Lane who has aged naturally but is still gorgeous. Other than that her performance is not particularly good. Kristen Stewart, who seemed so vapid and lost in Into the Wild and The Messengers actually puts some life into her character here and it works. Adam Brody, though he may always be sort of playing Seth Cohen from The O.C., has a surprising amount of depth to his performance here. He manages to convey wisdom and age with his acting that defy his youthful face and image. Not to take shots at a little kid but Mackenzie Vega's painfully precocious little kid, the daughter of Ryan's character, is absolutely unwatchable. The real problem arises here because it never once feels real, and not in that good sort of quirky indie way that Juno or Garden State utilize. A decent performance or two make this things almost tolerable, but the putrid screenplay, poor concept and the robotic facial expression of Meg Ryan mean you should look elsewhere.

Overall Score: 4/10

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