Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feast of Love Review

This was a pretentious load of trash. In a bit of casting creativity Morgan Freeman plays the all-knowing narrator who spends his screentime doling out wisdom to all the other characters. I'm surprised nobody has tried him in that sort of role before, he's pretty good at it. Freeman is solid as ever but most impressive (and underused) is is Jane Alexander who plays his long time wife. I wish she and their marriage had more screentime. On the other side is Toby Hemingway who might well be the worst actor I've ever seen, I hope to never see another of his films. Fred Ward embarasses himself and gives one of the worst performances I've ever seen as well. Kinnear, Burke, Davalos and Mitchell are all alright, I guess, but their problem (and the movie's) is that there is not one single moment of this movie that feels real. The entire thing is a load of pretension and coincidence.

Overall Score: 3/10

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