Monday, April 21, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Review

Having already seen an unfinished cut of this I was excited to see what the finished product looked like and it was just as funny as I remember. Since I've already reviewed this ( it's nice to see my concerns about some technical aspects were entirely corrected and none of the big laughs were lost. It still ranks behind 40 Year Old Virgin and Superbad among Apatow flicks (and ahead of Knocked Up and all the others). I really recomment this, it's hilarious. Each performance has great moments and special note still goes to Russell Brand's pop star singer as one of the funniest movie characters in recent memory. I highly recommend this.

Overall Score: 8/10

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Matt said...

way better than superbad. the best movie ever. restored my faith in humanity. I was dreading the happy ending, but by the time it came, I accepted it, because of the prior hilarity that had softened my heart. the direction was without flaw and the bits of non-comedic writing was solid.

behind superbad? you gotta be kidding me. also, knocked up is better than superbad. also, bohemia & moravia are better than poland.