Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm Reed Fish Review

So I'm thinking this will be the lowest box office grossing movie I see this year with a remarkable take of $3,567, though it wasn't quite that bad. I would say with some degree of certainty that Jay Baruchel (one of the buddies in Knocked Up) is the...(read more) worst possible choice for a leading man torn between two attractive leading ladies. Looking like an emaciated reject from a punk rock band I can't imagine cuties Alexis Bledel or Schuyler Fisk even giving Baruchel the time of day. The story set in indie-ville, um...I mean Mud Meadow, is pretty typical but there are some moments that almost work despite Baruchel's inept work. Both Bledel and especially Fisk actually try to make something out of the material. It saddens me to see Fisk's career has fallen so far from her first noticeable role in the Colin Hank/Jack Black comedy Orange County as I think she actually has some talent. Even DJ Qualls is kind of funny, though I usually find him unbearable. The movie does, for whatever reason, have a too cute for itself twist at the end but I actually found the strange plot design decision kind of worked, even if it was a might bit confusing. There have certainly been worse indie comedies and romantic comedies this year...

Overall Score: 4/10

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