Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Unfinished Cut) Review

This was my first advanced screening of an unfinished film and I found it really interesting to see a movie three months before release. As such, however, the film was filled with a number of small nagging issues that, I think, prevent a full and proper appreciation. Still what's here is really funny stuff and should be yet another great check mark on Apatow's resume.

Yet another funny flick from the Apatow crew, this time allowing talented Jason Segal to move into the spotlight. He's quite effective in the lead role in both a serious and comedic sense; I'm also impressed by the screenplay he co-wrote for this one. Playing out somewhat like a combination of The Break-Up and The Heartbreak Kid, Sarah Marshall works far better than those other two. It's quite funny throughout. There are some fluctuations in tone at times, the sound mixing was so off it actually caused me physical pain and a number of continuity errors occur but I chalk all that up to the unfinished nature of the film and am quite certain it'll be corrected in the final cut. I rank it, assuming the technical issues are fixed, behind only 40-Year-Old Virgin and Superbad in the Apatow filmography (better than Talladega Nights, Knocked Up, Walk Hard, etc...). I'm planning on seeing the finished version upon release to give a more proper review. Apatow, in case you were curious, has continued with his mission, started in Walk Hard, to put a penis in every movie so that Americans won't be so afraid of them as numeros, somewhat terrifying, shots of a nude Jason Segal show up here.

Overall Score: 8/10

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