Thursday, May 1, 2008

Outpost Review

If you only see one movie about evil zombie Nazi supersoldiers this year, make sure it's Outpost! While it's far from a masterpiece, Outpost is a pretty enjoyable, if all together asinine, time. Yes this movie is actualy about the ghosts/zombies of Nazi soldiers who come back from the dead to murder those who dare defile their bunker. Surprisingly it's actually pretty exciting thanks to stunningly competent direction and a wonderful understanding of how cramped space can create terror, not disimilar from the effect in The Descent. The film is likewise bolstered by Ray Stevenson, who was tremendous in HBO's Rome, lead turn as the head of the squad of mercenaries forced to fight the undead. The film is hurt by poor supporting characters (and performances), an overbearing score and an altogether silly climax that manages to waste all the built up tension. Far from perfect, Outpost is still enjoyable enough and should certainly be rented before any of the recent Asian horror remakes, like One Missed Call, if you're in the mood for scares.

Overall Score: 5/10

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