Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Grace is Gone Review

Well that was tremendously depressing... Cusack is nothing short of amazing as a card carrying Republic torn up by the loss of his wife in Iraq. The film's action is made up of Cusack's adventures taking his daughters cross country to an amusement pa...(read more)rk to distract him and them from his inability to express the loss. Cusack really becomes the character in a roll that's quite out of the ordinary for him. Both of his daughters are great young actresses, especially the older daughter Shelan O'Keefe. The problem for me is that the film doesn't really go anywhere. The direction is boring and I found myself watching with the same sense of moribund dread that accompany a viewing of Saw or Hostel. Something awful is coming (the revelation to the daughters) and everything else just feels perfunctory. Despite all the issues in plot and direction (it's painfully bland) the performances are really amazing and make this worthy viewing.
Overall Score: 6/10

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